Water, Sewer and Garbage



3,000 gallons of water: $34.00

Every 1,000 gallons above the base rate: $1.27


2,000 gallons of sewer: $30.00

Every 1,000 gallons above base rate: $9.05


Residential once a week pickup: $18.00

BASE RATE= $82.00


* November through March is based on actual usage. For all your water usage, you are charged the same amount for sewer.

* April through October is based on average. We take the dollar amount used for your sewer costs during the last 5 months, average them and that is what you pay for the next 7 months.

If your bill seems high, give the Clerk's a call- (406)287-3972. You may have a leak. We can scan your water usage which will show us any water usage in your home.

If there is a leak, have it fixed and then fill out a Town Complaint Form and turn it into our office or drop box.

The Complaint Form is then reviewed by the Water/Sewer/Garbage Board and your sewer rate can be adjusted.

*Garbage is $18.00 a month. It is picked up Monday's on the North side and Wednesday's on the South side of Town. In the event of a holiday, it will be picked up the next business day.

Please place the can so that it is accessible to the garbage truck and that the lid opens toward the street.

If it is overfull so that the lid cannot close, or there is garbage on the ground there will be an extra charge.

If you find that you have excess garbage, you may rent another can for an additional $18.00 a month.

If you have any questions please call the Clerk's at 406-287-3972.