Town Council Meeting Minutes

Council Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month @ 7pm in the Council Chambers located at 207 E. Legion. The Public are welcome to attend.


P. O. BOX 529



The Whitehall Town Council held their regular meeting in the Council Chambers at 207 East Legion Street, Monday, December 9th, 2019. 

PRESENT:  Council Members: Roy McBride, Logan Reiff, Katy James, Gary Housman, Francine Janik, Mayor Mary Hensleigh and Town Clerk/Treasurer Summer Fellows.

VISITORS: Dale Morse, Bridget Morse, Lori Young, Maxine Samuelson, Leonard Wortman and Alison Richardson.

Mayor Mary Hensleigh called the Council Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Roll Call was taken.  All Council Members were present except for Shawn Hoagland who was excused.    

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 


Katy James made motion to approve the Agenda with Roy seconding.



 Logan motioned to approve with Roy seconding.



Mayor’s Report:

Mayor: I would just like to welcome everybody and wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I would like to thank Francine Janik and Gary Housman for serving on the Council. Tonight, is their last meeting. I’d also like to thank Jeremy Ward for his years on the Fire Department and I think a round of applause is in order.

Leonard Wortman: Gary wanted a party.

Mayor: That’s later. A big thank you to the Ag Cats 4-H group, the Spurs and Spoons 4-H group, the 4-H leaders, parents, the Kory Klapan family and Ron and Pam Noe for all the cold, hard work of putting up the Towns decorations. Also, thank you to Jim Hicks and his bucket truck for putting up the lights on Town Hall and the Bell Tower. I would also like to thank everyone that has complied with the Parking Violations that we have been handing out. A lot of people didn’t realize the width of the streets that are anywhere from 60-80 feet on the south side and up to 100 feet on the North side of the tracks. They had no idea that their fence line was legally their property line. For the most part, everybody has been very good about moving their vehicles and I really appreciate it. As some of you know, we have started handing out these Parking Violations. This is business and not personal. I have handed these out to my brother, my sister and brother-in-law, my friends and my neighbors. This Ordinance has been on the books since back in 11-3-05 and 12-17-07 when Terry Ross was Mayor. So, it’s not an Ordinance I just cooked up overnight. We have been working on the Addendum to Ordinance Chapter 38 Traffic and Vehicles for almost a year. The information has been in the last four newsletters, on your utility stubs and I have given you notice during my Mayor’s report. We have had a first and second reading and this has been sent to the Town’s attorney twice. The process starts when Town members, board members and Council members get complaint’s and concerns from the public. They ask the Council and Mayor to enforce existing Ordinances and to clarify by the Addendum to Chapter 38 exactly what is covered. This Addendum was voted on unanimously by the Council. The Mayor’s job is to carry out what the Council approves. The Clerks are just doing their job as they work for the Mayor. Whether we agree or not, we still have to do our jobs. This is business and not personal. I am not on Facebook and after reading some of your posts, I’m glad. I’m 65 years old and it’s the first time I have ever been referred to as a “pinko-commie- scum- sucking- Siberian- snow pimp”.


Mayor: I must say I got a great laugh out of that.

Summer: Welcome to our club.

Mayor: Like I said, it’s a process and it is business. I’ve had comments as to “Well, we pay property taxes” True, you do pay property taxes on your property. That doesn’t give you a pass to store all sorts of vehicles that are not used on a regular basis on Town property. Your regular vehicles that you use on a weekly basis are totally good. You can park and come back, not a problem. You can’t leave vehicles parked for years on end on Town property. So, we’ll get through this, we are still handing out the violations. I’m at Noble Street right now so as soon as I finish the North side of Town, we’ll move across to the south side of Town. If you have any questions come in and ask us. We have the Ordinance all printed out and it’s available to you free of charge. We’re willing to answer any of your questions. I personally only have had one person complain to me personally, that’s it. I haven’t had any phone calls from any of the public and so I was a little surprised with the chatter on Facebook. There again, what can you say?

Summer: Quickly I was just going to add, oh wait, we skipped you Ed.

Ed: I don’t mind but actually,

Mayor: It wasn’t malicious you pinko- commie- scum- sucking- Siberian- snow- pimp!


Ed: Note taken. I’ll fill in when we get to the discussion about Hardrives tonight.

Mayor: Thank you.

Officer’s Reports: 

Clerk / Treasurer’s Report: 

Summer Fellows: Once again, like Mary talked about the Facebook chatter. Not one of those people have come in to look at facts. Here’s the Ordinance book and it is here for the public. Those particular Ordinances were done by Terry Ross when he was the Mayor for eight years’ time. The Codification was taken from this book to this book. It was current until 2013 and the Ordinances that we had redone will go into the codification like the Addendum to Chapter 38. So, it is here for the public anytime to come in and look at. Just wanted to clear that up. We’ve wrapped up the audit for 2017 and I’m waiting for the exit interview. I’m hoping it will happen this week or next week. Then I’m going to start the annual financial report by myself with a little bit of help from Todd. He thinks I can do this so we’ll do that and then we can jump into the next audit. Then we will be in the current year and be good to go.

Public Work’s Report: 

Kory: We did two bacteria samples on the water system. We changed out the curb stop at the Pool. It was just leaning against the curb box so no big deal. The curb stop at the coffee hut here in the Park had to be changed. We did one freeze plate. I met with Rural Water two different times. One on the treatment plant and one on school for the other two guys. I did nine meter rereads. I did three sewer samples and two DMR’s. There was a plugged sewer line in between Sugar Beet Row and our line on the South side. I did get called out and helped unplug it that night. The County had Hunter Brother’s come in and jet it. I plowed once, sanded five times and sanded alley’s once. I had to replace the carburetor on the sander. The seat isn’t changeable and the housing on the carburetor was bad so we changed that. We trimmed trees and bushes around several stop signs and speed limit signs and then road closure for the Christmas Stroll. We set up barricades so that they could do that on Saturday. We installed one headstone at the Cemetery. I don’t know for whatever reason it got shipped to us and it was sitting here so we installed that. I met with a person about two plots. We washed and greased the garbage truck four times this month and we fixed wires for the side lights that weren’t working. We fixed three garbage cans, two lids and one set of wheels. Picked up trash in the alley’s four times and three loads from the Country store. I was called out twice last month with a total of 5.5 hours. One was to plow snow and the other was because of Sugar Beet Row. We did seven locate tickets, 14 work orders and 50 hours working on Christmas total. Fire suppressions came in and did all of the fire extinguishers, 32 total. There is a curb stop at 106 C Street that I can’t find. We had Sacry Electric do the heater at the City Court in the garage and I talked to Antler Construction about the roof of the Country Store.

Fire Chief’s Report: 

Summer: Jeremy couldn’t make it tonight but he wanted me to thank everybody while he was chief 7 ½ years. He had to step down because he took a management position with the State in Butte so he is still going to be on the Fire Department, he’s just not going to be the Chief. Until elections in January, Joe Granvold will be the Chief.

Committee / Board Reports: 

Planning Board:

Lori Young: We had no meeting but I have been in contact with each of our Board Members and we would like to request that Gary Housman continue to have a seat on our Board because he contributes greatly.

Recreational Complex Board: No report.

Pool Board: No Meeting.

Trees, Parks and Cemetery: No meeting.

Water/Sewer/Garbage and Streets/Alley/Sidewalks:

Katy James: Both meetings were not very formal but Kory reported to us about the Sugar Beet Row and being called out because of the sewer backing up. Hunter Brothers has been contacted and should be out this date and the County may cover the cost. The jetting of the sewer at the A&W has not yet been done and it’ll have to wait until spring. And then under sidewalks Kory reported about the sander trucks carburetor not working and millings to work on when roads are clear. There was a discussion about adding to the next Council Agenda the possibility of leasing a velocity patcher for a year to see if it would be something to take care of the pot holes and Kory was to be getting prices leasing versus buying.


Bridget Morse: So, we had our meeting and basically all we did was the budget but I think the budget is further on.


Roy McBride: I went to the CTAC meeting and they have 20 employees still. They are doing a lot of maintenance work in the buildings to winterize them. Not a lot of them are in use and don’t generate any natural heat. They are still doing a lot of outside work. They may not be getting all their stuff lined out but they are still working on trying to get the project set up to do some processing of one of the other two pits. I’m not sure of the names of them. If they get that done it will extend the life up there for another 10-12 years, I believe they said and I gave them a report of what we were doing down here for the City.

VII. Public Comment:  

Katy reads letter addressed from Terry Ross. See packet.

VIII. Consent Agenda:

Development Permit


Business License



Jeremy Ward

New Volunteers for Fire Department

James Fox

Bret Pullman

Francine motioned to approve the Consent Agenda with Logan seconding.




X. Unfinished Business:

A. Work on Ordinances. (Tabled)

B. Update on Whitehall forming their own Police Department.

Mayor: Since the last meeting we have done some investigating about the feasibility and it’s cost prohibited. We checked into a Town Marshall situation in both Shelby and Darby and even that was cost prohibitive. The best thing that we could come up with that we thought might work is to appoint Allissa to be a compliance, Ordinance, code, how did you want to have her titled?

Summer: Well, I have to kind of agree with Katy we’d have to advertise for the position but it would be an Ordinance officer. That’s what they call them in other small Town’s that are doing this. There are a couple other terms but basically it would be an Ordinance Officer. Something to think about.

Francine: We probably need to figure out how much it’s going to cost to train them in safety. People who are doing this are pretty much a target. People are killing them in every city and town just for being an enforcer whether it’s a dog catcher.

Summer: And the only other option is to talk to Sherriff Doolittle and go into depth about what we want covered by law enforcement and that he’ll charge adequately. So, that’s one of the other options. Mary and I had met with Sherriff Doolittle and he didn’t up our contract this year but he said it was going to go up. When it’s going to go up, we have no idea.

Mayor: So, once we have that information we’ll just have to compare and see which one is most cost effective.

Francine: Because we still don’t have a place to keep dogs or anything. There’s no sense in hiring a law enforcement officer if there’s no place to put a dog.

Mayor: There’s a lot more Ordinances.

Summer: And Boulder doesn’t have that. There’s a lot of other places and I’ve talked to a lot of other small town’s and they are in the same boat that we are in. Everything that is happening is not Bozeman coming in here it’s the idea that people are really tired of the next-door neighbor so to speak that has junk laying all over. Today I went on a little field trip and there were at least 10 dogs running loose. One dog in particular is a big black lab who has knocked over two elderly people. I believe the dog’s a she with a pink or red collar. 

Francine: Have you signed a complaint against the dog?

Summer: I had one complaint. I didn’t see it with my own eyes but I’ve been told about this and called. I’ll give it to law enforcement but I think we know who the dog belongs to but we have a dog that has knocked over two elderly people and it’s not a vicious dog but someone is going to end up in a nursing home with a broken hip. So, there are things out there I believe Francine.

Francine: I agree but I think the public needs to hold some responsibility. If they don’t want to pay for it, they need to sign a complaint.

Summer: Absolutely.

Mayor: That’s what we told them.

Summer: I’ve had three phone calls and one complaint signed and I’ll get the other the sign one as well if that’s what they want to do.

Katy: With an Ordinance Officer, I’d like to see us come up with a job description and criteria of what’s expected of them.

Summer: I could probably get that.

Katy: I’m sure Ed would even play a role in that as to what would be required.

Francine: And they would need a full background check.

Katy: Yes, yes. There’s more to it than just appointing someone to do it an hour or two a week. There could be a lot of work involved and training as Francine said.

Summer: And that might not be the way the Town Council wants to go.

Mayor: But we will gather the information and let you know. This was just step one and we will move onto step two.

C. Update on Whitehall contracting out the garbage service.

Kory: I just made a couple of phone calls to a couple of different companies. One I talked to was Dillon Disposal. By Law, they have to be licensed to haul trash in a County. According to that gentleman, I did try calling the PSC (Public Service Commission) and that lady is out for two weeks so I wasn’t able to talk to her. It kind of sounds like anyone can bid it under the Town of Whitehall as long as we do the billing and that kind of stuff. Other than that, I did talk to Guilio and he did confirm the same price as he quoted the last time.

Gary: I’ve got a question here, When and if you do contract the garbage out, then they buy the garbage cans or they get them for nothing. Then they get the garbage truck so then if you decide you don’t want to go that route, you have nothing and you start all over again and then it costs money. You got to buy a $200,000 garbage truck, you got to buy new garbage cans. We went through this four years ago and we fixed that truck. It cost us a lot of money and we put in money for another truck and I don’ know where it went.

Summer: It is still there.

Gary: And then the women at the Auxiliary already put in money to pay off something. We have three guys now working for the City and we’re going to have to buy another truck, we’ve got three guys now. I think we are barking up the wrong tree.

Summer: Let me clear up a few of your concerns. One, our garbage cans would stay where they are. We are just looking into someone picking up the garbage.

Gary: No Summer, that isn’t the way it works. They’re going to own the garbage cans and the garbage truck. It’s just like with the Police Department with Topper. Then 911 comes in and pretty soon they have the cop cars, the radio and everything and then we couldn’t afford to start over again.

Summer: Right, so this is being put out on an RFP (Request for Proposal) so it’s basically what we want in a contract. We would put it out there for bid of what the Council and Town wants and approves. I’m not saying I’m for it or not, I’m just giving you the information that was requested and so is Kory. As far as the garbage truck, knock on wood is working great. We still need to get another garbage truck if we stay like we are. That garbage truck is going to have another melt down here soon. It’s out of its life span unfortunately. Also, a garbage truck costs $300,000 not $200,000.

Gary: And here’s another thing, once you stop it and turn it over to somebody else, they might run it for a year but then it might jack up to twice that much the next year.

Summer: And I would think we would have to make provisions in the contract for that for “X” amount of time but I don’t know.

Mayor: We are just providing information to the Council.

Gary: Well, I’m done tonight but let me throw in my $5 here. I think it’s a bad deal.

Mayor: And like I said, we are just getting this information to you and the Council will make the decision whether they want to contract out the garbage or whether they’d rather hire a water treatment operator. We are just giving you the information and you’ll make the decision and we’ll implement it.

Gary: Ok Mary here’s another thing about a water treatment operator. Why don’t you put an ad in the paper to get somebody qualified to be a water treatment operator instead of taking someone from Town here and training them for six months? I think you better get somebody that’s trained in that situation and put him in there.

Mayor: Well, I can do that as soon as I get direction from the Council as to where they want to go.

Kory: So, all my licenses are good to run that treatment plant. Just to let everybody know.

Gary: There you go.

Katy: So, this garbage service we are looking at, it’s just garbage pickup, only right? They have their own truck and if they decide after a year’s time, they don’t want to do it we would still have our garbage truck and garbage cans are still in our possession?

Gary: I wouldn’t bank on that.

Summer: Well, what would we do with the garbage truck?

Gary: We’ve got two right now and one of them sat there for years.

Summer: Its up to you guys. I’m not going to do anything with the garbage truck. If the Council wants to keep it, we’d need it for special event like Frontier Days, Mule Days and if the new garbage service was to miss something, that stuff still has to be picked up for the Town. We still would be providing a service. So, I’m not saying this is the right way to go Gary.

Gary: Why are you so pro to get rid of the garbage service?

Summer: I’m not, I don’t care either way. As far as me, either way.

Mayor: We are just gathering the information for you.

Roy: Gary, to be very honest we are looking for ways to save money. And if this Council has to pay $300,000 for a new garbage truck and pay that out over time because we don’t have enough money saved, we’ve got an operating budget of what? Half a million dollars?

Summer: Well, you have to break that down by funds.

Roy: I understand that but when you pay $113,000 for law enforcement, you lose $40,000 on the pool and that’s the General Fund. Even the garbage fund, you’ve got to jump it again. If we have to buy a $300,000 dollar truck, then we are going to have to raise garbage rates. If we can get somebody to come in, look at it, contract it properly, do it properly and save the Town money, that is what we are looking for. We are looking for efficiency. We’re not looking to lose what we have; we are looking for efficiencies to run this Town smoother and these are just suggestions. Its not like we’re just going to hammer down and do it. I think we need to be more efficient and right now we are not very efficient. If you want to hire someone to take Kory’s job with all those licenses, you’re looking at around $80,000 to run that plant bare minimum. He’s doing it for probably 2/3’s of that. Unless we go out and raise our Mill Levy’s and start increasing taxes and we’ve got a letter over there yipping about it costs too much to live in this Town. We’ve got to find ways to make it easier to live in this Town and I’m not being mean to anyone, it’s just logical. We have to stop and think about what is best for this community. And that’s all I can say. We’re not looking to dump it and get rid of it; we’re just trying to see if we can make it better.

Logan: I feel the same like when we talked about the Police Department. We love our Police Department they’re great and we have no complaints. We are just trying to make sure everything is efficient and we are checking stuff out. That’s all.

Mayor: That’s right, it’s your job and that’s why you are here.

Francine: If we do set up this proposal or bid, are we going to make sure all the garbage companies in the State get it? Because they do a lot of the Towns.

Summer: Kory and I are unsure of what the law is. It use to be and I think it has changed and Leonard you may know something about this too, that in order to run garbage across County lines you have to have a special permit. It’s not a license and the State does not give those out willingly. Is that correct?

Leonard Wortman: That’s correct. From my understanding Guilio’s and McGree’s were the only ones in the County who could do that.

Summer: Now, if we contract somebody with the Town through the Town of Whitehall, so say we hire somebody like you said somebody out there, then I believe we can do that as long as it is the municipality that is doing it. But we are unclear of that and need confirmation.

Kory: It will be a week and a half before I can find out.

Summer: That’s where we are with it. I don’t know if it’s good or bad either way.

Mary: Maxine, did you have a comment on garbage?

Maxine Samuelson: Well, I was going to piggy back on what Logan was saying about the Police Department. The only problem I have with the Police and the Sherriff, I think they are great. I have never had a problem with them. However, what I pay for with my taxes the same sort of incident that someone out of the City limits would pay for. So, say it’s like $65, they didn’t itemize it this year but it has been in the past. It’s always around $65-$68 that I pay on my taxes. Then when I read their incident reports that they put in the paper, there is nothing in there. There are a lot of things that are listed outside of Town but when you have a concentrated population that is in Town, I would think that my $65 or your $65 or whatever it is. (Motioning to Mayor Mary) I think yours is more than $65. Laughter. For the amount of money that we are already paying, it seems like we could pay them $50,000 a year to cover our Ordinances and not have to pay anything else because this is a concentrated area where the homeowners are paying their taxes and all of the things they post in the paper are listed within those taxes. I mean, they could be in the Town or outside of the City limits, the same sorts of incidences and it’s frustrating.

Francine: We are required though by State law to have a Police Department.

Mayor: We are.

Francine: It’s a State Law.

Summer: Here’s what hurts us, Jefferson County only has two incorporated Towns. That’s Boulder and Whitehall. Unfortunately, Boulder is running into the same thing we are except they have their own Police Department. Which they pay $204,000 but they said they might go over their budget because they have three officers. It just depends on what the Town wants. It’s up to the people. We have to do something with our General Fund. The garbage is its own fund and it’s ran more like a business. The water, sewer, garbage and when we use to have an ambulance, they are all businesses. The General Fund is your tax dollars. I don’t know if that helps people but that is what we should be concerned with is our General Fund.

Maxine: All I am saying is all of the incidences I read about and I know that that is not every incident that occurs but, from this general area. If there were an incident at La Hood for instance, and the Sherriff’s Department went out there it would be the same thing as if there was an incident at the Two Bit here. The Sherriff is going to respond in the same manner as he would at La Hood. The Sherriff would respond regardless of where Two Bit is either in Town or out of Town. So, how can we have them see it that way and have their Town only have this Ordinance person? I don’t know. I don’t have the answer to that but to me it’s so puzzling. Every time I look at the list in the Ledger some are traffic things and some are cow got out of the fence or whatever, just different things like that. I don’t know, I don’t understand it. There’s got to be a way.

Francine: A simple solution is to disincorporate and just run a City water and sewer districts and not worry about Ordinances or anything. That is the solution if you don’t want to pay for the Police Department.

Roy: Have the County run it.

Francine: Yep, let them run the whole Town except for the Districts.

Leonard Wortman: Don’t go rushing into anything.


Summer: Talking to other Towns that are in the same situation as like we are with what Francine was talking about…

Maxine: Like Clancy and Montana City?

Summer: You can disincorporate too.

Roy: They are not incorporated cities.

Maxine: So, how do Clancy and Montana City do it?

Summer: The North end gets the same treatment as we do.

Francine: You are guaranteed so many hours with the Deputies being in Town.

Summer: We are guaranteed 8 hours a day but they have to patrol all over the place. It doesn’t necessarily mean the Town of Whitehall or in Clancy but they pretty much have to patrol around the clock. With the exception of some dead time. Is that correct?

Katy: We have a Deputy on shift until 4am that’s for sure.

Summer: I talked to the Deputies. They do the same thing down that they do up there.

Francine: I think Three Forks is paying about twice what we are for the same amount of coverage.

Summer: They have a lot more and Ordinances and Laws are being enforced. You have to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

Francine: That’s true but they are paying twice over what we are paying.

Maxine: I was just going to ask if they were having Ordinances taken care of.

Mayor: We can get the information to you but we have kind of deviated from the garbage service.

Maxine: I’m sorry.

Mayor: Any other comments or anything else you want us to do as far as garbage goes?

XI. New Business:

A. Discuss and vote on appointing Attorney Ed Guza for another two-year contract.

Logan made a motion to discuss with Roy seconding.

Francine: Did we put this out for bid at all? It’s their job to bid after all.

Summer: We don’t have to.

Francine: Did we though? I’ve asked it to be done for the last two years.

Summer: You all are the Council and you decide that. Not me.

Francine: I just asked if we asked anyone else what it would cost.

Summer: I actually have done research and for what we are paying Ed, its about the same everywhere else.

Francine: Because I know Boulder is getting it a lot cheaper than we are.

Summer: They get a lot less help.

Mayor: So, in your packets you have a break down of what the Town has paid for civil, T.I.F.F. and criminal coming to a total of $39,740.52. So, we stayed in budget for this year. The increase would not take effect until the fiscal year starting July 1st, 2020. But the mileage would take place January 1st. We’ve been doing half and half but now we will do full mileage.

Summer: If you break down the $16,000 it comes to about $1,500 a month what we paid for Town business. The biggest thing I want to caution everyone on is the criminal. We’ve spent $22,741 and we are not done with the fiscal year. We still have 6 months of this. We could spend $10,000 on criminal or $50,000. We have no control over that. Once again, that’s in the General Fund and it goes back to people wanting jury trials and other things. We pay the Judge and myself also. The other thing is I caution starting over with another attorney when this Attorney has been here and know the history. I don’t want to have to sit down with a new attorney and explain all the drama, dramatics and history.

Leonard: You should write a book.

Summer: I’m thinking about it.

Maxine: I think there’s a little more room for some gray.


Roy: I don’t think we need to switch Attorneys until we finish this law suit that Ed is also working on. Having to switch an Attorney in the middle of that would be a mess and end up costing us a hell of a lot more money. To have to go back and redo all of that, another Attorney isn’t going to take his word verbatim he’s going to put his own spin on it. So, I think that’s a reason enough to stay where we are until we get that settled.

Roy, Logan, Gary and Katy motioned to approve appointing Ed for another two-year term with Francine opposing.

B. Discuss and vote on the T.I.F.F. (Special District) reallocating funds.

Logan motioned to discuss with Katy seconding.

Roy: I don’t think I can motion or second on this because I’m on the Committee, right?

Summer: Correct.

Roy: Ok.

Bridget: So, we came up with our budget and I got the sheets from the County. The incremental value is at $88,728 for this year. You take the levy and size of District which is .58942 and you multiply those two and that’s $111,240.00. So, we just use $111 out of that, it’s sort of a round figure and approximately $80,000 is still in the fund currently but we came up with $191,000. Then, we just looked at what we were currently doing and we are still working on those signs $4,000. The Grant thing seemed to go fairly well last year and we want to change it up a little bit for this year so we left it the same at $25,000. We’re still working with NorthWestern Energy on those special light poles to go by the Pool to light it up at night. So, if someone wants to go swimming in the middle of the night, they are going to be lit up. So, that is $3,000. We are still working on the banners which has been on there for at least one year now. So, that’s $8,000. We’ve been traditionally putting in $5,000 every year for tree trimming to get our Parks up to snuff and they are looking much better. There’s not as many big dead things falling down when the wind blows hard. We left the land purchase option the same price as last year which was $27,500. We added in the master plan for $5,000 and that’s anticipating that would be used as a match and then you get CTEP or some sort of other funds that would help pay for a master plan. They obviously cost more than that. And then professional services at $2,000. We did an adjustment last year to add that in for questions to add or other questions that we might need some professional services to do. The change for the Pullman Park, we haven’t had any bills yet and we left that at $8,950. And then we just kind of ran out of steam so we put the rest in ‘to be determined” which was $102,550. We really want more input from the public and we are sort of holding off because then the master plan can be used to leverage other Grant opportunities and this $102,550 can be used as more matching funds and without a master plan, a lot of Grants can’t be applied for infrastructure and stuff like that. With the master plan, I think it will make it easier for places like the museum, the Town and other places to apply for things because the master plan can be something we can hold up and say “here is the plan” and “we want these things happening”. So, we sort of said we want a larger fund in the “to be determined” so that we can get this master plan going.

Summer: Speaking of that growth policy, I spoke with Rebecca Shaw and she is with the Chamber of Commerce. We already missed the last grant cycle but, in the spring, there is going to be a CBDE Grant for growth policy that we can apply for. Along with that, I was talking to her about the mapping of the Town and doing the Wards and somehow, we can wrap that all together. So, I guess keep the Town in mind for maybe that grant and if there’s a matching fund maybe we can do something with the T.I.F.F.  to get that Grant.

Bridget: Absolutely.

Summer: I don’t know how it’s all going to work out but I do have my eye on it and she said we won’t see it on the website until January.

Bridget: There was something that fellow from the State, I can’t remember his name…

Lori: Tosh.

Bridget: Tosh, he told us, it’s kind of complicated but you put in like $1,000 and you get $10,000 back but some comes from CBDG and some comes from Main Street Fund. You know it isn’t 2+2=4 it’s more like 2+2=24. It’s just exponential how much money you then can leverage.

Summer: That being said it might be the case we might need to have our engineer apply for some of these Grants and that will be a cost to the Town too.

Bridget: We have our professional services at $2,000.

Lori Young: With the master plan, if we were to receive that Grant along with the CDBG, JLDC would give some staff time toward that and it’s a pretty lengthy public process. The thoughts were within this committee was these funds will run out and if we have a good plan going forward and how to best utilize the funds that are coming in to the Whitehall T.I.F.F. Board, it would be a lot better going forward than us just keep mailing year by year, $10,000 here, $10,000 there but if we really have a unified theme going forward.


C. Discuss and vote to accept the contract from Hardrives regarding chip seal project.

Katy motioned to discuss and vote to accept the contract from Hardrives with Roy seconding.

Ed: I’m just tickled that we were able to get this resolved and hats off to Roy, Summer, Mary and everyone else involved that got us to this finish line. Hardrives even agreed to the terms that we proposed. Very, very happy that we reached an agreement that on or before July 17th of next year they are going to reseal completely at their expense the three roads in question. So, this is a great situation for the Town. So, I’m 100% for it, it’s a great out come and I hope the Town Council agrees.

Roy: We really wanted to get cash out of this if we could but, the more we discussed it that was just not going to happen without a big fight. I think this is the best way. They have to give us enough time to get set up so when they get here it’s back on the warranty again. So, it does a lot of things we should be better off.

Francine: Would it be worth our time to budget some money for our Engineer to be here when they start it? So, they can see what materials they are using because the problem was, they didn’t put on enough oil the last time.

Summer: Right and the chips were dirty.

Mayor: We have an Engineer.

Francine: That’s what I mean to have them here as part of the initial to check everything. If we have to keep going through this it doesn’t save the City money.

Mayor: We can ask him.

Summer: Sure.

Ed: And to the point, the agreeing to get money problem was the amount of money that they were offering was just so trivial. We were just on polar opposites to even try to negotiate based on money so Roy I totally agree with you that it was just a dead end and not worth it. But, having that warranty in place and having Attorney’s fees in place, there’s enough incentive there that hopefully it gets us to the finish line and get this done finally. Ideally, we could have gotten the money and hired someone else to do it but this is a close second place.



Francine made a motion to approve the bill claim approval list with Logan seconding.


XIII. Adjourn:

Katy made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:01pm with Logan seconding.


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